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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fantasy Politics

Maybe it's just the "Dog days of summer" combined with a darker side of my "Golden Years" but whatever it is, I'm losing my enthusiasm for the real political scene. The long, drawn out melodrama that we call the 2008 Presidential Campaign. So I'm going to play Political Fantasy instead and put together a "what if" scenario of my own.
First, I'll fast wind past the conventions and announce the winning ticket.

For the Democrats, from Hawaii, by way of Chicago, the first Democratic, non-white nominee for President of the U.S.:
47 year old Barack Obama and his running mate, the ex-senator from North Carolina and second-time -around nominee for V.P.; 55 year old John Edwards!

For the Other Guys: The ex District Attorney who put Laura Helmsley in Jail and went on to star in the New York City 9/11 disaster : Rudy Giulianni and his running mate, the TV actor and ex-senator from Tennessee: Fred Thompson.

Round one: Guilianni leads with malicious slander and tries to "Swift Boat" Obama with undocumented charges of corruption and bribery. Obama retaliates with concrete proof that the charges are false but refuses to join in the mud-slinging contest. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards score a knockout at the League for Women Voters "Presidential Wives' Debate" . (Mrs. Guilianni was unable to participate in the debate due to the illness of her dog.)
To be continued...

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