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Thursday, September 13, 2007

SOS in Iraq

G. W. Bush invaded Iraq with the goal of bringing democracy to its unfortunate citizens. The effort has been an abysmal failure as the breakdown in the oil field now demonstrates. It appears as if there are some countries where, for a variety of reasons , some chronic and others temporary, the only suitable form of government is either a very loose form of Federalism with "separate but equal" regional governments or a rigid dictatorship where order is maintained through brute force and dissidents are dealt with harshly. The area that was previously known as Yugoslavia is an example - another is Iraq. Obviously, the Sunnis, the Shia and the Kurds are not going to "get along together" any time in the near future - too much blood has been shed on all sides. Like Spain in the 1930's, two opposing foreign coalitions, are using the country as a venue for their ideological conflicts.
We never should have gotten involved in Iraq in the first place and the prospect of ten more years of occupation is obscene. We no longer have any chance of "saving face" in Iraq but let's at least not lose any more American young people there.

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