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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Real Hillary Clinton

Previously Posted on the Huffington Post:

When it became absolutely clear at RNC headquarters and in the inner sanctae of the ultra-conservative churches of America that the Republican Party couldn't possibly win the 2008 presidential elections, a cry of anguish and terror was heard from the right side of the land.

The elders joined together with the young neo-con zealots and agreed that the only way to insure the continued mis-rule of America was to elect someone who appeared to be a Democrat but underneath was a true god-fearing conservative Republican stalwart, bathed in the blood of the free-market lamb, dedicated to the principles of "Capitalism Uber Alles"
Hillary was brought before the council of Elders and NeoCon Zealots and after swearing to uphold the principles of Baptist Christianity and Friedman Dogma she was promised the complete support of the council and its members.

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