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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah's Sexy Hair: A Desperate Bid For Votes? (SLIDESHOW)

Maybe Palin's looking for an invitation from SNL. Tina, she could do you very easily
Sarah's Sexy Hair: A Desperate Bid For Votes? (SLIDESHOW)

I think Sarah Palin's run for VP is really her press agent's idea. She's had so much media exposure and time to practice her "shtick" that as soon as the McCain/Palin ticket is history - less than a month from now, her TV/Movie career will go into high gear. "Playboy, Desperate Housewives", her own sitcom, maybe a soap? Sky's the limit Sarah but you'll have to lose Todd and the glasses.

1 comment:

1000myths said...

Now she's got a $150K wardrobe for her post-campaign personal appearances.
Actaually that's pretty good money for a small-time rabble rouser.

If I'd been a $25.00 a month contributor to the McCain campaign I could have gone to one of their mad mob scenes and said "See those red shoes she's got on? I paid for the left one"