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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Products : What will Apple pull out of its hat next? - Nachrichten English-News - WELT ONLINE

New Products : What will Apple pull out of its hat next? - \ WELT ONLINE

It's not about the iPhone, even though it is the hottest piece of technology in the world (at this moment on January 9, 2009) but it is about Steve Jobs, a facsinating archetype of his era his industry and his culture. Currently known as "Baby Boomers" people born in the post war era are still under the impression that everything is all about them. Their's was originally known as the "Me Generation" until they reached positions of power in the media and related industries and were able to soft-pedal their extraordinary egotism and arrogance by substituting "baby boomers" for the original "me generation" title. We must wonder if the accomplishments of Jobs, Gates and some of their prominent contemporaries like Stepen Spielberg and Bill Clinton can ever justify the way each of them has completely flaunted what could be considered our common standards of ethics and (in some cases) morals.
Looking back at the youthful behavior of the "boomers" -(1965-1975) and their later "mature" years. The pattern appears clear and we must breathe a sigh of relief that the era of power for the boomers is drawing to a close. Bill Clinton will probably never again air his bombastic rhetoric before national audiences. Gates and Microsoft have ridden the giant wave almost as far as it's going to go . Time for a changing of the guard with Larry Page and Sergy Brin of Google ready to move in and take up the slack left by their aging predecessors. Can we expect more humility and compassion from the new guard? Time we'll tell but I doubt it.

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