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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Republican Party's Moral Bankruptcy- Chapter/Section 8

Long ago, when I was a young Marine, some guys were separated from the service because they were unfit for service due to mental disability. It was referred to as a "Section 8 Discharge" Now we have an entire political party showing symptoms of moral and ethical disability. Under the circumstances I think they should file for bankruptcy and total reorganization. Would that be Chapter 8?
The severe strain of dealing with the misrule of one of their own, a 6th generation Republican stalwart, followed by an embarassing defeat in the last elections due in least in part to the nomination of a candidate in advanced state of early senile dementia paired with a VP to be,who though not senile, was and still is, severely demented, and currently, the party's worst "nut cases" leading their caucus.

Let's face it guys it's time for you Republican "leaders" to give up, say uncle and walk away. Let's have a brand new second party, one led by mentally competent individuals who can provide a conservative opposition without the kind o "Lonney Tunes" behavior that we've seen lately.
It worked in Lincoln's time (though he may be spinning in his tomb when he sees the way the "Party of Lincoln" has turned out) Maybe somebody can do it again.

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Vagabonde said...

I continue reading your posts and once again I agree with you 100%. We, unfortunately, live in an area which is about 99.5% hard core super conservative Christian evangelists – they worship both Newt Gingrich and Sarah barracuda. We were the only one in an area of 15 miles with an Obama sign, so this is why I started blogging – not too many people to talk to around here. Plus I’ll give you one more – I have not lost my French accent after all those years… during the Freedom Fries era they even keyed my car and twice tried to run me off the road and I received emails like “first we’ll bomb Iraq then it will be Paris.” But they are friendly folks in their own way.