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Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Evolutionary Trail to Oblivion

This article is absolutely Politically incorrect.
Creationists and those with over-developed political sensitivity and the squeamish should go somewhere else.

Over the last two centuries or so, Americans have behaved according to the established rules of natural selection.
The captains of high school football teams have pursued and been pursued by Homecoming Queens and they have produced prodigious numbers of fullbacks and pom-pom girls. The end result can be currently observed in Town Halls across the country where the descendants of the first football heroes and cheerleaders are demanding that the "Government keep their hands of my Medicare" and other similarly absurd political nonsense.
Under ordinary conditions, significant changes in evolutionary development would take hundreds of years -usually thousands but thanks to the intensive effort of the footbal heroes and their partners we have evidently created a new sub-species in a few generations. We can now see a dramatic lowering of the IQ's of a growing proportion of the population, whose role models or icons, are creatures like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and most of the minority party representatives in Congress. Within a few generations, unless a way is found to reverse the current trend, the United States population will be intellectually challenged and most of the unemployed will be permanently unemployable.

Who or what can we identify as the basic causes of this disturbing or rather disastrous situation?
First, our business leaders, the makers and marketers of a wide range of consumer goods, from autos to water pics, Asprin to Xanax have benefitted greatly from the "dumbing down" of consumers who have been trained to accept advertising messages with complete credulity and never question anything said in the mass media and the educational establishment has eagerly cooperated by recruiting and training teachers who, for the most part, are completely innocent of any intellectual curiosity or critical thinking capacity. The need for an expanding volunteer army has also created a need for thousands of young soldiers who will follow the orders of their superiors with zeal and spirit without question and integrate government propaganda into their belief systems-permanently


Vagabonde said...

I saw your name on Sablonneuse and came over to have a look. I agree 100% with your post. I have been in this country since the early 60s (came from Paris, France to SF) and have noticed a real dumbing down lately. I just bought the book “Idiot America – How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free” by Charles P. Pierce, but my husband saw the book and started reading it – he says it’s good so far. I believe the education system here is terrible. I read that in Texas the committee overlooking the school textbooks has several “born again Christian Fundamentalists” who want to change the textbooks to their ideas of what kids should learn….It’s bad enough here in Georgia. The news on TV – if you call that news – is totally inadequate. It’s going to take some time to reverse this trend – hopefully it will happen

1000myths said...

Current trends seem to indicate that the "dumbing down of America" has barely hit its' stride. Like the old time comics used to say "You ain't seen nothing yet"