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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The oil spill has nothing to do with the people of Great Britain and everything to do with the larcenous cupidity of the tycoons that run worldwide megabucks corporations like BP, Goldman Sachs & the other big banks and Nestle, Monsanto etc.
It is no conspiracy - all of these corporations are systemically focussed on maximum profit - whatever the cost to customers, citizens and the taxpayers of whatever country or counries they do business in. BP will drill for oil wherever and whenever they can, providing it offers substantial rewards- irregardless of the risk to the environment and society. The current debacle is proof that the markets do not regulate themselves and unless governments take an active role in control of the larcenous bastards that run the BP's of the world, we are screwed.


20th Century Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I certainly agree with you that markets do not regulate themselves. My husband and I are taking a Teaching Company course on economics and that is one of the central messages of the course.

Folkways Note Book said...

I agree with you completely!!! But don't you think the populous has some responsibility for becoming better stewards of Mother Earth. Why do we need all this oil? Because their is a demand from the populous! -- barbara

julia said...

Oh bless you for that! I, for one, am feeling very alarmed by the American rhetoric that is spilling forth with the oil.

For the record, I am as appalled as anyone that this has happened and very, very sorry.

But, hasn't the oil rig owner also some culpability, that venerable corporation Halliburton? I read that their cement was sub-standard in an article that also comdmend BP's disregard for safety and common-sense good management.

Of course governments will not regulate these corporations, they are too large and too powerful, it is really they who run the world. The men in the shadows who live closseted and protected by their wealth and power.