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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Exercised Will Power Lately?

Will power is perhaps just another of 10,000 synapses in our brain wiring. There may be some genetic predisposition towards making (and breaking) good/bad habits or behavior and if we make the synapse early in life and exercise it regularly like jogging or compassion, it will remain strong and available when needed. If we do not exercise will power, it will eventually atrophy and vanish from our cerebral toolbox.
So it's vital that we exercise it frequently with daily "presses" (not heavyweights) and ocasional "gutbusters" like quitting smoking or being nice to our mothers-in-law.

Think of something really challenging: if you're a user, give up pot or booze (for at least ninety days to reap the benefits), bike or walk to work etc. MAKE SURE IT'S REALLY CHALLENGING ("no pain...") and you'll be sure that your will power is ready and waiting when you really need it.

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