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Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Dissent's Dilemma

American Crisis Politics | Dissident Voice:

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When you can't vote for Obama and you won't vote for any of the possible candidates on the Republican slate, what do you do?

Obama has betrayed our trust and demonstrated his intractable dedication to "business as usual". He has totally ignored virtually all of his campaign promises and allied himself solidly with Wall Street and the bankers. He has ignored the people like me and thousands of others who worked the phones and knocked on doors to get him elected. The idea of voting for him in 2012 is the farthest thing from my mind and yet it would take a command from heaven to make me vote for any of the people who have thus far presented themselves for the Republican ticket. Barring something miraculous from "Americans Elect" or another third party movement, I'm stuck. Right now it looks like abstention is the only possible solution and yet that seems like a cop out. What's a poor guy to do?


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat! My thoughts so far: march with "Occupy" (done), read up on the Socialists (done), vote Socialist (maybe) or stay home and mope.
No good choices!

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