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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Wages of Celibacy"

NY Times 02/28/'13

The new Pope must revise dogma on celibacy. It's probably OK for monastics but for the parish priests it can be the proverbial "Road to hell -paved with good intentions"


onecooldad said...

There is no way the CELIBACY RULE will be revised. It was invoked to ensure the C-church's continued PROPERTY RIGHTS, and as the church is as rich as it has ever been, no one is going to change ANYTHING.

THAT is a dose of the real world for you. Catholics HAVE TO LIVE, WORK AND PRAY IN THE REAL WORLD.

There is no other valid way of looking at it !!!

1000myths said...

Something of an oversimplification. Yes "property rights" are an integral part of the argument for celibacy but only part. Consider sexuality and the fraternity of single men plus the traditional patriarchal position vis-a-vis women.

A FRIEND said...

God wants us to lead whole, complete, fulfilled lives. The complete absence of sexual intercourse in the church-prescribed lifestyle for priests is unwholesome & perversely unnatural. It has led to, amongst other things, the ongoing shame of the horrible child rape scandal in the USA. Ironically, the loss of church "treasure" to settle the rape cases might be a real impetus to reverse the centuries-old stupidity of the celibacy rule.

I am not indulging in cynicism. I am living, working & praying in the REAL WORLD.