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Friday, September 05, 2008

Judith Warner Hits the Spot

  • Judith Warner told it like it is in the NYT "Opinion" today
  • and here's the last comment to column that was posted.
  • Maybe 302 mostly thoughtful, intelligent comments is some kind of a record for the NYT?

  • 302.
  • In reading the editorial and the comments posted I no longer feel that I “missed something”. I am from a really small town (pop. 255) in rural America. I am a hockey mom and have a mass comm degree. I have small town policital experience but in no way am I swayed by Gov. Palin. She and the Republican party scare me. I want to know how to fix our broken country.I want a really smart person in the top spot. I want Obama/Biden. Thank you for all the “hit the spot” comments. They are what I am thinking!! Vote Obama/Biden on Nov. 4-a smart change!!

    — Posted by Shannon M.

  • Read the whole thing at
  • Thanks Judith and the NYT

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