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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last night, Nouriel Roubini,consultant and NYU professor of economics told viewers of the Macniel Lehrer News Hour in describing the current economic situation and probable after-shocks that "the light at the end of the tunnel" just might be a "train wreck"

Can it get any worse? Have we hit bottom yet? I'm not just referring to the sub-prime debacle and it's increasingly dire results nor the political campaign that has become a show that would have been closed immediately if it ever opened on Broadway (or Philadelphia!). No, it's much more pervasive- the rot has spread from Washington to Wassalia contaminating our schools, churches and everything else it touches. It seems as if the American people have completely lost touch with reality (maybe it is all those "Reality" shows on TV.

The guys that wrote all those sub-prime mortgages knew that one-in-four would default and their buddies on Wall St. that packaged them for trade knew that at least 25% (probably more) were junk. The "wise guys" on the right end of the RNC knew that Sarah Palin was no more qualified to be VP than Barney (dinosaurs 4000 years ago??) but they set her up anyway because she shifted the voters' attention from the economy and the war in Afghanistan for a couple of weeks but soon the pig's lipstick will be completely forgotten (McCain now wishes it already was) and we'll all be facing the worst defecit in the history of this country and our grandchildren will have to pay.

The Bush doctrine - maybe Palin doesn't know anything about it (Alaska is a long way from Washington) but we're all going to be apying for it dearly for a long time to come.


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