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Friday, June 16, 2006

Software Robbery

Started out on a Mac back in '84 or so. Went from the "Mac Plus" to the "Classic" and on to iBook and iPod. Somewhere along the way, Apple lost its' "shining armor" and became just another money grubbing, ruthless Microsoft clone. I guess it's the old "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" syndrome.

I have an iBook, bought it several years ago and have gotten good service out of it until a few months ago when it started acting "wierd". It couldn't find the hard drive at startup unless I booted from the system disk. The "geniuses" at our local Apple Store said it was probably the Hard Drive and/or the Mother Board" but when I ran a Hardware Analysis it said both were OK. So by process of elimination I arrived at the conclusion that it was probably some kind of software conflict or corruption.
So, I purchased the new SW upgrade (OS 10.4.6 aka "tiger") and did a clean install and everything worked great except that Apple had taken their photo application "iPhoto" out of the OS and packaged it seperately in "iLife". I have several hundred photos saved in iPhoto format that I needed to access, so I ordered "iLife".

It arrived yesterday and when I tried to install it a window popped up informing that I had to have a "G4 computer" to run iLife.

So after buying a DVD player to install the new OS and buying the new OS, and then iLife I'm out of pocket $500.00 with what is almost obsolete equipment and no pictures. Apple won't take back their useless iLife because I broke the seal on the envelope. Anybody want to but a laptop, DVD writer/reader, external hard drive and software cheap?

I guess MS wins in the end. Apple, I think you're jerks