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Saturday, September 07, 2013

"What Are You Laughing At?"

One of several things that I learned rather late in life, is that a sense of humor is neither objective nor universal. Some people are completely devoid of any sense of humor and all of us will never agree on what's funny. Research in neuroscience of the brain indicates that there's a strong possibility that humor may have its origins in the frontal cortex,the most advanced or evolved part of the brain. This area is the last to develop, with full development occurring in the mid or later part of our twenties. So, it might be possible that a genuine sense of humor is probably only possible for mature adults. No wonder much of the 'humor" in popular movies and TV sit-coms seems "under my head".

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Wages of Celibacy"

NY Times 02/28/'13

The new Pope must revise dogma on celibacy. It's probably OK for monastics but for the parish priests it can be the proverbial "Road to hell -paved with good intentions"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something's Rotten in Rome

It's the Vatican and Benedict has inadvertently exposed the mess. The Gay Cabal has been operating for centuries and the priests' abuse of children is nothing new either. omerta has been traditiom in Italy for centuries and has helped the Vatican Cardinals conceal the homosexual cabal for centuries. According to tradition, Omertà is a code of silence, according to one of the first Mafia researchers Antonio Cutrera, a former officer of public security, that seals lips of men even in their own defense and even when the accused is innocent of charged crimes. Cutrera quoted a native saying first uttered (so goes the legend) by a wounded man to his assailant: "If I live, I'll kill you. If I die, I forgive you." If you create an institution where men are the sole occupants of the executive positions and women are seen as only fit for menial tasks in the organization, where only the men are permitted to wear the silk and satin, is it surprising that many of the Princes of the Church are homosexual and that they band together in order to achieve power and protection? That some celibate priests would find sexual stimulation and satisfaction with their juvenile parishioners shouldn't surprise us as much as the deliberate shielding of the predators by their superiors does. Benedict was discovered to have been "negligent" with some priestly predators in Germany and his was obviously not the first or last cover-up in Church history. Rumors of priests and Bishops fathering children with female parishioners and nuns have been circulating for centuries. Even Popes have sired a few bastards- at least one with his own daughter. Now the hypocrisy has been exposed. What will follow? A renewed, chaste and pure institution? And flying pigs as well?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

The News from Montana is Really Bad

Drug enforcement is big business, employing thousands of people here and abroad. That's a lot of jobs- most of them with good salaries and government pensions. It's going to be very hard to switch these folks to a different career path and give up what they've got now and all the power that goes with it. WHO STANDS TO GAIN FROM THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA? Cancer victims and thousands of Americans with medical conditions that can be effectively treated with cannabis. WHO STANDS TO LOSE? The Liquor and pharmaceutical companies, the drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia and the srug dealers on the streets of our cities and towns. WHOSE SIDE IS OBAMA ON? He gave away the store to the drug companies in negotiating Obama care. Did he give them marijuana too?